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Hantescire is the spelling of Hampshire as per the Domesday Book.

In the world of mediaeval re-enactment, Hantescire is the North Hampshire and West Surrey branch of Regia Anglorum.

For those not au fait with Old English pronunciation, Hantescire is pronounced Hant-shire.

Regia Anglorum (which is a term used in Latin texts to denote the English Kingdom) is one of the foremost re-enactment societies in the world, specialising in the early Middle Ages, from the time of the Vikings to the Norman Conquest. With local groups in many countries, and members from East Europe, Africa, North America, Scandinavia and many more far flung places, Regia Anglorum is an extensive family who often come together to recreate the times and lives of the British Isles a millennium ago, and of which Hantescire forms just one part.

Our membership is varied, including fearless warriors and talented craftsmen of many different backgrounds and ages. Some choose to fight in both recreations of famous battles and competitive clash of shieldwalls. Others choose a quieter life, opting to hone traditional skills, such as archery, woodworking, calligraphy or embroidery. We sail in Viking longships, feast in Anglo-Saxon meadhalls and share stories around crackling fires on starry nights.

We are a window into the Dark Ages, ready to dispel myths of this oft-ill-understood period in British history by demonstrating the authentic reality of both civilian life and military struggle.

If you are looking for a hobby, a new experience alien to anything 21st-century life has to offer; if you are looking for historical interpreters to represent the early Mediaeval period at your event, or if you are looking for an exhilarating demonstration of Mediaeval battle, then look no further.


Here are some of the upcoming events that we are involved in.

For a more complete listing, please check the main Regia Anglorum calendar of events.

17/03/24:              The Tamworth Charter

23/03/24:              Vikings at Leasowe Castle

11/05/24 - 12/05/24:   Sherwood Viking Spring Thing

25/05/24 - 26/05/24:   Wirral Viking Festival

21/06/24 - 23/06/24:   History in the Park

20/07/24 - 21/07/24:   Accession of Æthelstan

20/07/24 - 21/07/24:   Viking Ship at Tamworth (possibility 1)

27/07/24 - 28/07/24:   Viking Ship at Tamworth (possibility 2)

24/08/24 - 26/08/24:   Detling Military Odyssey

12/10/24 - 13/10/24:   Battle of Hastings

Shield Colours

To aid identification of Hantescire members, our warriors all paint their shields in Black, Yellow and Red in a veriety of authentic designs.

Facing a Hantescire shieldwall might look something like this:


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